Personal Narrative: My Trip To Hershey

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It was a warm and windy morning in the month of June 2007. I was 7 years old and my family planned a big trip to go to Hershey park. I was so excited it made me want to scream at the top of my lungs. But I didn’t. This trip was going to be the best trip of the summer. My Mom called my other family to say if they wanted to go with us. They said yes, and that made me happy. We usually don’t get to see our cousins. But this year we are going to. The next day we were going to Hershey park, so my mom said go to sleep early. I said no, I’ll wake up fine tomorrow! Which I did, but I was so tired. So once we were up we needed to call our other family to say what house were going to meet at. My parents then said were going to meet at my …show more content…

By the time I woke up my uncle Joe said we are going to be there in 20 minutes. I was so happy when he said that! The traffic was horrible Joseph 2 since we were in Philly. For the next 20 minutes I just played games and talked to my cousins. Once I heard the car parked and roller coasters going, I knew that we were at Hershey Park. My family went out of their cars and we started going to the ticket booth to buy some tickets for us to go in. Once we got to the ticket booth we told them how many were going in. Since there were a lot of us it was very expensive. I knew in my mind the parents of my cousins and my own parents heart just sank since it was expensive. But at least we can stay here for the rest of the day, since we came early. My cousins said they wanted to go on a really fast roller coaster, so I followed them to go in the line. It was called sky rush. I really didn’t want to go on and we were next. Once the people came off my stomach was filled with butterflies. My older cousin Maria who is 26 said you don’t need to go on, if you want

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