Personal Narrative: My Trip To High School In America

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In my life, I was witness a lot of events, scene, and moment happened to me. But, I never forgot the first day that I went to high school in America. I came to America in April 2011, but until Mid-August, I could go to school. That’s day, I cannot forgot it. It was such a terrible day. My sister and I went to school at 7:20 am, then we going to cafeteria to pick up a schedule. We do not know where is cafeteria at or anything, we just following people walking. In school, I meet new schools, new people from a different country and gather in America, and everything new to me. I feel very strange and it not belongs to me. I am going to pick up my schedule and starting to look my class. My schedule is English, Math, General Science and World History.…show more content…
Next period has to be Math, but usually, we have to go the advocacy class everyday on the first week. Also, I don’t even know where is the class. Then, I ask the guy has a same English with me. He take me around of school, later on, I knew that building just next to my English class building. One more time, my advocacy teacher is Vietnamese, so I can ask him about the class and where is it. But, I need more time to figure out, so I was late in Math class, and I felt very embarrassment. Even though, I do not understand while my teach speaking, but, I am very confident in Math class. Two periods pass, it was lunchtime. We just sit down on the table without get line to pick up a meal. We watching people how to get their meal and needed to sign up for free lunch. I stills have two more classes, so the next class is general science. My advocacy teacher is also my science teacher, so I feel very relieved. Finally, the last period coming, I am such a people come from a different planet. Everyday, US History have a quest everyday, we need to answer the question on the board. Everybody in the class starting their work, except me. I am just sitting down and look people around

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