Personal Narrative: My Trip To Illini Basketball

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When I was younger, my dad and I got season tickets to the Illini basketball season. We would go to every home game and away game if they were playing close. I would always look up to the Illini players and want to be just like them when I grew up. Every time I went to the game I would always go to the closest balcony to try and yell their names so they would look up at me.

It was the first home game of the season and Illinois are taking on Michigan. My dad and I were driving to Champaign and I was thinking about what I was going to do as soon as I got into the stadium, I was anxiously waiting in car until we got there. As soon as we got to the stadium we went to will call (which is a place where you pick up tickets) that Dee Brown saved
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To get my mind off of the long wait I was talking to my dada about how exciting it is going to be to watch the game practically on the court and to meet Dee Brown himself and the rest of the players I see after the game. After a while of talking to my dad we were up at the front of the line. We scanned our tickets and instantly rushed down to the floor to check out our seats. There were tons of people everywhere so it was hard to move around and

make your way through to get down to the floor. When we finally got down there Michigan and Illinois were both warming up and getting stretched out for the game. I was standing on the side of the court shouting at the Illinois players to say hi because when I was little I looked up to all of them because I wanted to be just like them when I got
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We thanked him for the tickets and for getting us into the locker room after the game. As soon as he had to go back with his team into the locker room before the game he gave me his head band he was wearing and gave me his signature on it. It was a dream come true, I was so excited and texted all my friends right away to tell them the great news. When Dee Brown and the team came back out of the locker room for the game they did their normal warmup and started the game with a jump ball. While watching the game there were so many cool things about it. Such as, since my dad and I were so close to the game you could hear all of the players talking and when they would run down the court you could feel the floor shake because we were right on it. So it was 10x better than watching it on TV or anywhere else in the
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