Personal Narrative: My Trip To Illinois

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“ Watch Out!”, my pa yelled as a tree fell down. That is how most of my family’s trip was in 1855 when we traveled from Pennsylvania to Illinois for free land. Hi i’m Bill. I have one brother a mom and a dad. My mom has blond hair,short, and brown eyes. My dad has black short hair, tall, and green eyes. My brother Will has green eyes,short, and ginger hair. Our trip to Illinois was tough. Believe me! Before we left we made sure we had only the stuff we needed to make the ride easier, because the trip didn’t take days It took months. Then we left unknowing what was ahead. Something great or something awful. Days went by and my back started to hurt from sleeping in the wagon we were riding in. On the way I carved some parts for tools so we would be ready when we got…show more content…
“Watch Out”, My Pa yelled. The fallen tree nearly missed our wagon! The storm lasted all night. It was a really rough night. None of us got much sleep at all. The storm kept on going for two more hours after we woke up. We decided to just start riding again. After another hour of riding the storm stopped and I started to get that weird feeling again. Native Americans! That 's who 's been following us. Just then I saw five Native American’s stalking us like we were their prey. I tried to not acknowledge them for a while so no harm would be done. Then I slowly worked my way up to the front of our wagon where my Pa was driving and whispered in his ear, “ I just saw Native American’s following us.” Then he said back “That’s what I feared would happen. Just don’t acknowledge them so nothing will happen.” My Pa also said we were just two days away from our new home. “Pa Will’s sick! He’s got scurvy”, Ma said nervously. “How do you know?”, Pa said back. “Because he’s swelling up,tired, and his teeth are starting to fall out.”, Ma yelled back even more nervous. “Two days left and he just has to get sick”, I thought to myself. “Just give him

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