Personal Narrative: My Trip To Iowa

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“Get in the truck Brittany! It’s going to bite you!” Exclaimed my dad. But I was determined in reaching my goal. I wasn 't going to give up. Almost every year, my twin sister, my dad, and I, fly out to Iowa to visit our family. Trips to Iowa were and still are the highlight of my childhood. Everything about it is perfect. The deer with their fawns. The cowboys with their horses. The farmers with their cornfields. The squirrels with their acorns. The one and only thing I don’t enjoy is the weather. It’s either harshly humid, or catastrophically cold. Just imagine driving down an empty dirt road surrounded by nothing but corn. Lots and lots of corn. It may sound boring, but for me, it was heaven. Cruisin’ down the backroads with the windows down and my head out the window like a blissful dog. I couldn’t have been more delighted.…show more content…
He told Alex (my twin sister) and I to wait in the truck. I was confused and curious as to why we had stopped. I just had assumed my dad had to use the restroom and couldn’t hold it any longer. That was until my dad abruptly climbed down into the ditch alongside the road. He made his way through the corn stover, nearing a tall green plant. “What are you doing?” I yelled through the window of the truck. “Come here and check it out. It’s asparagus.” My dad said. I made my way down into the ditch and I was shocked. Growing up in Mesa, Arizona, I would 've never imagined being able to pick delicious, and might I add expensive, vegetables on the side of the highway. It was incredible! Asparagus was delicious! Asparagus was wild! Asparagus was everywhere! My dad showed me what type of plant to look for as we strolled along the highway. Driving along the highway, we made several different stops after that and collected an entire bag full of it! After we had one bag full, we went back to my grandma’s
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