Personal Narrative: My Trip To Jackson Hole Wyoming

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The time I spent with my cousins and brother would be a trip that I won’t forget my whole life. A family vacation that I was very excited for was my trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. This was one of the most anticipated vacations I had, we were going to stay for a week from Christmas to New Year’s eve. My family and I really enjoy skiing and when the chance to go on this trip happened, I remember begging my dad for us to go with my cousins. It was going to be the greatest trip that I would ever experience in my life. To arrive in Wyoming, we would have to fly from JFK to Salt Lake city, Utah. Salt lake city was really nice in the winter it was cold but had great views and was magnificent to look at the scenery around Christmas time. From salt lake…show more content…
It was a huge house made of wood with glass around the house which gave it a feel of a old but contemporary house. Looking out of the house we saw the town and also saw the mountain that we would be skiing the next day. I remember looking over at my brother and having a very great excitement over my face. We had already gotten our ski clothes and lift passes ready the night before. We were ready to climb the Snow Bird mountain. We were anxiously waiting for the next morning to come and we were so tired from our trip that we almost instantly knocked out and wanted to be rested for the big day ahead of us tomorrow. When we woke up we grabbed breakfast and got dressed and rushed to the mountain to try to be on the first lift up to the top. The breakfast we had was smelling of syrup and it was such a strong scent. When we arrived it was very crowded at the base of the mountain. My cousins and my brother had been before and they took us on the best and hardest run from the beginning. It was called the rondevu bowl. Looking down at the slope of this mountain it was almost like a straight fall it had bumps and turns every step and was a double black
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