Personal Narrative: My Trip To Jamaica

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When was the last time you took a vacation and explored the beauty of our world? I was only fifteen years old when I visited Cozumel, Mexico and Jamaica. My father took the whole family on a cruise. I had never been on a crew ship prior to our trip, so I still remember the entire trip like it just happened yesterday. Both places we visited were beautiful, full of lively colors, and very friendly people. When we arrived in Mexico, it was like a dream. The air was so warm and soft, it felt like a silk robe around your skin. It was no Texas air, all hot and sticky, no, this air was moist and refreshing. The sun was shining so bright, like it was smiling down on us. I could see the sun beams descending from the sky. The people of Mexico were all so nice and friendly. They were so welcoming of us. They were excited for us to come and experience their culture. I could tell by their attitudes, they were very proud of their country. The whole place if full of color. All of the buildings were painted very bright green, blue, red, orange, and yellow colors. Even the decoration inside were all happy and inviting. There was very upbeat music…show more content…
It was super sunny. You could barely see 10 feet in front of you. The grass all around looked so soft and bouncy, I just wanted to drop my purse and roll around on it. While we were there we got to spend a lot of time in the ocean. We were on a sub marine, which is a glass boat that goes deep under the water. I never knew there was so much life under there. It is like a secret world. The water was so clean and clear, it was like looking at a motion picture. I was in awe of all the beauty. There were green plants colorful flowers. Fish that were orange and yellow, red and white, purple, blue, and greenish-blue. Beautiful sparkling rocks that shimmered under the sun light. I Felt like I was one of the characters on “Finding
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