Personal Narrative: My Trip To John Stewart Elementary School

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It was a cloudy fall day, this particular morning in first grade. The air was cold and wind slowly crept up my back mysteriously. The walk to John Stewart Elementary School was horrible. Yesterday, I had gotten into a fight with my friend, Ava about what she thought I said. To make matters worse, it turned out to be Thursday which meant that I had to walk with Ava to school. At least I still had Emma, a friend that I could still rely on. As we approached the school, Ava and I started at a quick pace both trying to get to Emma first. We wanted to Emma on our sides, but whoever got there first would be the person that she believes. Unfortunately, Ava beat me to Emma. Now I couldn't go up to Emma at the front of the line because Ava…show more content…
I rushed out looking for Ava and Emma. Wait.... I can't play with them, after what happened Ava wouldn’t let me. So, I decided to climb on top of the spider half. A spider half is a hard metal web shaped like a half circle with a hollow middle that you climb into or on. There were many other objects on the playground like swings, a slide, monkey bars, the hamburgers, and a basketball court. On the top I sat and watched students play with their friends laughing and having a good time. Some were playing tag, other 1st graders enjoyed playing on the swings, the girls liked to play on the monkey bars showing off their gymnastics skills, and a lot of people were just plain old talking. I was lonely, all of my friends are probably against me by now. I decided that I better go talk to someone or else I would be depressed. I planted my cold hands to the metal bars and balanced my weight. After a clank and a boom I realized that something most went terribly wrong. I probably leaned forward a little bit and hopped down with my nose banging against the metal bar. As I hit the ground filled with brown colored mulch, tears swarmed around my face. I slowly got out of the middle and walked up to Mrs. Orr a recess
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