Personal Narrative: My Trip To John Stewart Elemantry School

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It was a cloudy fall day, this perticular morning in first grade. The air was cold and the wind crept up my back. The walk to John Stewart Elemantry School was the worst. Yesturday, I had gotten into a fight with my friend, Ava about what she thought I said. It turned out to be the day that I had to walk with Ava to school. I was glad that I still had a friend that I could rely on. Ava beat me to Emma. Now I couldn 't go up to were Emma was standing because Ava was going to complain about me, or even worse tattle on me! I stood at the back shivering as I stared at Ava and Emma. All of a sudden, tongues slipped out of Ava and Emma 's mouths. I knew that my day was not going to be exciting. Three hours later, it was time for recess! I rushed out looking for Ava and Emma. Wait.... I can 't play with them, they won 't let me. I…show more content…
"What happend?" asked Mrs. Orr. " nose...againest....the...the...metal bar...on....on...that," I cried pointing to the spider half between heavy breaths. Hot tears were flooding my face as I breathed heavily. Mrs. Orr grabbed my hand and opened the door into the hallway. We dodged 4th graders going back to their classroom from the lunchroom. We finally got to nurse 's office. "Oh my gosh, what happend?" the nurse yelled. I told her the whole story again as Mrs. Orr left. "You could of broke, it but luckily you didn 't," the nurse explained as she exaimed my nose. She gave me some ice and I headed to the lunchroom. I ate my lunch by myself at the farthest table away from them. They were starring at me and I couldn 't figure out why. I suddenly realized that my nose had a big red thick mark on it! I placed the ice pack on my nose and they turned away. After school, I was playing outside. Emma and Ava ran up to me asking questions like I was Siri! They pretended that nothing had happend so I went along with it and we never got in a fight again. At least that

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