Personal Narrative: My Trip To Korea

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I came to Korea in November of 2015. Even though it was both winter in America and Korea, it was much colder in Korea. I remember stepping out of the airport and thinking that it was freezing cold. I was 8 years old when I came to Korea and I came to Korea because of my dad’s job as an Army doctor. He had to work in Korea for a few years so our family moved to Korea together. When I stepped out the plane, I felt sad because I realized that I would really miss my house, friends, and school in America. It was not the first time I came to Korea, but this time it felt different because I knew that now I had to live here. My family stayed at my grandparent’s house for about two months. It was strange because normally I would feel comfortable and familiar in my grandparent’s house and around their neighborhood but this time that place felt really strange. Also, no one spoke in English and everyone was speaking in Korean everywhere. I felt shy when I had to speak to Korean people in Korean language because I thought that my Korean was bad. I also was never in a situation where I had to reply in Korean only so it felt weird. But I didn’t want to speak in English because I didn’t want people to think that I am showing off. Moreover, I went to school only after a week since I arrived. I started attending Kyung Bok Elementary School. I wished that I could go to an International school but it was a Korean school. I remember that on the very first day of school, a girl asked me when my

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