Personal Narrative: My Trip To Lumberport

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On a very hot summer day, I was just sitting around looking for something to do. Then I thought I will go to Darren house and BullSh** with him. So, I got in my truck with chase and went to Lumberport. Once I got into town of Lumberport I passed the only cop they have. Next thing I know he was following me, then he pulled me over. After I was pulled over, the officer walked up and asked me for all the normal stuff they ask for. Then he said, ' 'The reason I pulled you over is because your trucks too loud '. I just basically laughed at him. But he was serious. After he told me that he looked at my mufflers on my truck then he said he 'll be right back then he walked to his car. He came back with a $430-dollar ticket in his hand, but
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