Personal Narrative: My Trip To Mackinac Island

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The first time I went to Mackinac Island was a truly unforgettable experience. Lots of people have always told me “We can’t go, we can’t fit the wheelchair on the boat.” But during last summer in August we decided to go Mackinaw City instead. I was super excited for it, I don’t why I had been to the city parts a thousand times over. That and I was sick as a dog with an unexplainable cold but that didn’t stop mom from saying “okay we’re going.” So Saturday afternoon we packed ourselves in mom’s Envoy and spent a long two hours in the car. I spent most of the time eating Burger King and throwing snotty Kleenex’s at pedestrians. I underestimated the car ride, it was actually pretty funny when we crossed the bridge and Wren said “Oh, look we’re
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