Personal Narrative: My Trip To Massanutten

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I sit on a rock while watching a picture perfect sunset.If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Massanutten.I would go to Massanutten because of the breathtaking scenery, thrilling water park and the amazing activities.

Everyday there is beautiful scenery. There is a miniature canyon in Massanutten, that has a gorgeous blanket of fog that covers it also, Massanutten always has clear skies and elegant mountains just a couple miles away. There are trails that twist and turn through the woods for the perfect day of adventuring. Every night there is always a lovely sunset over the mountains, that is never forgettable.

The water park is full of never ending slides and fun in the sun. The Massanutten water park has 3 giant water slides that are full of fun. The water park also has a lazy river for a more relaxing time. Outside there is the Rockingham Racer which is a slide where you race your friends and family.I would want to ride this because i’m very competitive and I would want to win. It’s always nice to have a great splash with your family and friends.
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For example exploring the mountains. I would want to go on long walks on the mountains, looking at all the greenery while spending time with my family.Massanutten also has a very nice golf course, so i would want to go play a couple rounds for enjoyment. Mini golf is something I would want to do as well because it’s a great way to have fun. There is also a small farm in the Massanutten area that has a petting zoo so I would want to visit there as well.

Therefore if I could visit anywhere in the world, I would visit Massanutten. I would visit Massanutten for the beautiful view, never ending fun at the water park, and exciting activities. Massanutten is the best place to watch an elegant sunset.I hope one day I get to
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