Personal Narrative: My Trip To Maunawili Falls

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I was standing there at the edge of a fifty foot tall cliff petrified with anxiety and fear. This wasn't a stupid attempt at suicide, rather a stupid attempt at having fun before summer inevitably comes. I knew my summer already wasn't going to be fun, I signed up for algebra 2 summer school classes. So I and a few friends decided we would go to Maunawili Falls a 6 mile hike to a waterfall with a 50 foot cliff. It took us 2 hours of being covered in sweat, going through bushes, up and down hills overrun by mosquitoes to get there. Once I got to the waterfall I immediately dropped my stuff at a nearby boulder and began climbing up a slope leading to the cliff. Being ahead of all my friends up the slope, I could feel my heartbeat beating harder as every step went by while simultaneously thinking "if I turn back now it'll be easier to go down the hill". But eventually I made it to the top, with the first thing that I saw was a
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Everyday was the same first period, third period, lunch, stand by the oval with friends, etc. I didn't do much for the rest of the school year other than hang out, hang out eating and the seniors graduation. Said my goodbyes to my senior friends and then my summer started. My summer school was at Kaimuki High home of the bulldogs; this was supposed to be my high school but I got a G.E and went to McKinley. Class starts exactly at 8 and the second I got there I already recognized 2 of my buddies and 5 other McKinley students. Instantly I could tell this wasn't going to be that bad. I came to this class with a goal of getting an A and 3 days in, I finish quarter one of algebra and the teacher made me a math tutor along with some other kids. Math class was easy after words from then on. Once or twice a week during the summer I would go out, watch a movie or go eat with some friends and that was mainly my entire summer. I ended summer school with
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