Personal Narrative: My Trip To Miami Florida

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After weeks of torturous homework, exams and assignments, high school was finally over! Summer holidays here I come! My family got plane tickets to Miami Florida. The land of beaches, sun and fun. We are heading to the airport in three hours. My little nine-year-old brother was jumping up and down like a kangaroo shouting “Los Angeles Los Angeles. “ I helped my father to put all the suitcases in the back of the Range Rover. I went and sat at the back with my twin sister and younger brother on my left. The sunlight through the window made my black hair look like honey. My eyelids felt like lead and I fell asleep. I woke up when we reached San Francisco Airport after that short nap, I was energized. We all put the suitcases on the two trolleys and walked to the check-in for first class. I glanced at my brown passport wincing at my 16 years old photo, being 16 was a nightmare! My whole face covered with acne, I had braces, a weird nerdy type of glasses and I was very skinny and short. Thankfully those days were behind, now standing at 5’9 with broad shoulders and toned six -pack. My metal braces were off and as for the acne, which was all gone thanks to the acne face wash. However, I still wore glasses.
¬¬“Flight 023Z to Miami is now boarding at gate 5” announced the loudspeakers. We all ran to gate five and boarded the flight. I finally sat on …show more content…

A heat wave hit my face when we got out of the plane. I was already sweaty! We grabbed our luggage from the baggage carousel. A brand new Jeep greeted our faces, I sat at the back drinking a Red Bull, enjoying the sights of Miami, people walking on the sidewalk in beachwear, palm trees waving in the breeze, I could taste the salty tang of the sea. We stopped at the beach, my little brother and twin sister were already in the pool, my parents were at the bar drinking cocktails. I removed my white shirt, my glasses, and slippers and ran into the

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