Personal Narrative: My Trip To Michigan

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I grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, I live with my Mom, Dad, and my younger sister Danielle or Dani for short, I am 3 years older then her. I had a Golden Retriever named Jake, he died when I was in 3rd grade he was almost 10 years old. We occasionally visit Houghton, Michigan to see my family on my Mom's side, and go to Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin to see my dads side. Every Thanksgiving we go to Wisconsin to my cousin's farm and ride four wheelers. Dani and I are the youngest on each side of the family. My mom, dad, Dani and I are the only people in my family that live in Iowa. Every year my family and my mom's side go to Wisconsin Dells. It is like a tradition we have. We stay at the Wilderness and have rooms right next to each other. We usually go downtown and stop at a candy shop and we all get taffy. Also going swimming and going to the arcade. We always look forward to the next trip there, it's away we all get to see each other every year if we didn’t make it to Michigan that year.…show more content…
We would get up early to go outside and not come back until late at night. Just playing random games or just talking. Most games we played were sandman or hide n seek. Sometimes we got our bikes and just went around the neighborhood or the park. We would do everything together we were like a second family it was unnatural to not see each other
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