Personal Narrative: My Trip To Middle School

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I came into the Zesto’s store, hair all over the place, bags around my shoulders, excited to tell my mom about my trip. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. So much excitement, thrill, and determination out of almost everyone on the trip. This is one trip that I will never forget because of the laughs with friends and the surprise storm on our last night. Going into my 8th grade year, my youth group started the first annual canoeing trip for middle schoolers. My youth leader, Chuck, wanted to do something fun with us middle school kids so he came up with canoeing. We were originally going to canoe down the Niobrara River in Nebraska, but there were wildfires out there at that time, so we traveled up to Decorah instead. On the trip, there were only six girls that went, so we all rode in one car on the way up. Of course, we were being silly the whole ride and our driver, who was a guy, probably hated us. Because he probably hated us, the AC was on the whole ride, which was like 4-5…show more content…
We fell asleep with no troubles. During the night, Anna’s mom woke us up because it was raining outside and she needed our help closing the windows of the tent that we had opened. We started to close them when all of a sudden the wind picked up ferociously. All of our clothes were outside on a clothesline to dry, so many of us were worrying that our stuff would get blown away, but none of us wanted go outside. We said the guys would get our stuff. Then we heard a crack, and our tent began to fall on us. Screaming, we all ran to the corner of the tent to hold it up. The wind was not letting up at that time, so it was a major struggle to keep the tent up, and it also didn’t help that our arms were tired from canoeing. It felt like were holding up the tent forever, but it was maybe like fifteen minutes. The rest of the night, our tent had to be hooked up to Chuck’s car so it could stay
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