Personal Narrative: My Trip To Minnesota

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We were headed to Minnesota. My mom, my brother and I. We were meeting the rest of my family to begin our so called expedition. Once we go to Minnesota is when the story truly begins. In Minnesota there’s lot to do, lots to see and lots to eat. We however were staying not for long, we boarded a plane and made our way to Italy. After 15 or so unbearable hours of flight, a broken plane, a delayed flight, and a missed plane, we were welcomed to Italy with beautiful scenery, artwork and more. “Off with the trip” said my aunt Julie, standing alongside her boyfriend. Not only were we staying in the amazing Italy, we were getting ready to spend our time in Italy on a luxurious cruise. Over the course of a week, we would visit many amazing cities along the…show more content…
A man greeted us with three missing fingers and hands stained lead grey. He instructed our group in the lesson. I was too young to take part in the experience, so I just watched the “older” people in my family attempt to make glass that would e nothing compared to the amazing artists whom we saw before. By the time we had finished and taken a water taxi home, it was night time. From our long walking day and glass experience, we were all starving. We walked under the mesmerizing twinkling lights along the waters. We were all in awe of this amazing country. My aunt Julie and her boyfriend had separated from the rest of the group to go and eat dinner on their own. My large group had been taken aback two people making all 20 of us feel a little smaller. As we walked on the sidewalks, we saw gondolas serenading young couples. A phone buzzed as we got a call from my aunt telling us se had finished dinner and she had some exciting news. My family and I were confused but some of the older people had an idea of what was going on. We met her in front of a store selling world famous Italian gelato. He ran up to us with a huge smile on her face. She shouted across the street, “I’m
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