Personal Narrative: My Trip To Mississauga

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A couple of weeks ago I had the privileged to visit one of the most attractive and prestigious parks in Mississauga. This was amazing and entertaining, not only that, I had a wonderful experience. Quite a few of my fellow classmates played several games that taught me how to be an effective leader. Some of those games are; ‘Catch the Chicken’ for example, the team had divided into two groups, each person within the team that had the chicken have to throw it as far as he or she could to prevent the other team from catching the chicken. In the meantime, while they tried to catch the chicken; we made a circle and one person ran outside of the circle as fast as he or she could reach #21. No sooner, my team won the game. The students played another game called 'Bobsled '. In order to play this game; we put the ball in a cup while using a pipe, each person holds the pipe in their hand. Some of the pipes were big and some small. Nevertheless, we worked together to put the pipe in the…show more content…
'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ', another game played. For one to play this game, one pylon placed at the starting line and another at the finishing line. Each person holds a freebies otherwise called the marshmallow, then placed their foot inside the marshmallow while holding the marshmallow above the ground and then step on the ground with the marshmallow attached to their foot afterwards another person stepped on the marshmallow on the ground before the first person who initially had marshmallow step off. Then you continue doing this routine until someone miss the steps and fall out of the game. My partner and I strategically implement some ideas in playing this game. This game was not a competition, but mainly team effort. Working in a team is beneficial, but it has challenges as we yell at each other one someone mess up. Despite our differences we manage to pull through and later discussed the attributes and the importance of being a virtuous and effective

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