Personal Narrative: My Trip To Montgomery College

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The summer of 2014 was probably one of the toughest time for me and my family. My older sister, Tatiana, had just graduated high school. She had decided to attend Salisbury University, and wanted to join the Army Reserves. These plans were the complete opposites of what my mother wanted her to do. My mother wanted her to go to Montgomery College, not go into the Army, and keep her in her nest. She was probably petrified of the idea that one of children would not be living with her. Growing up we had never been separated from my mother for more than a couple of days, we never even went to a summer camp, so the aspect that she would be gone for months did not please her at all. My sister and my mother argued for weeks, and I was always there awkwardly witnessing them bicker. No matter how much my mother told her she should not go to…show more content…
"Well, I got you going nineteen miles over the speed limit. Now I 'm going to have to write you a ticket. And if you don 't mind me asking why were you speeding?" he asked. "I 'm very late to my freshman orientation at Salisbury University," she said. "Salisbury University... That 's forty minutes up the road," he said. As if we did not already know. He then gave my sister her ticket, and he was very polite about it, but to this day, my sister hates State Troopers. Which is funny because she wants to be a police officer. She then called ahead saying that she was running late, and cautiously drove all the way to the school. We then got there and inserted ourselves into the group of freshmen and their parents. Then after an hour of boring talks the actual students were going to leave and do other things while the parents were going to another room. I had no choice but to go with the parents. I then listened to many speakers talk about how Salisbury University is a safe school and how they know it is hard to see their children go, which was something my mother needed to hear not me. The talks finished and my sister and I were
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