Personal Narrative: My Trip To Nebraska

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It was a week before my dad told my brother and I than we were going to go fishing with one of his friends. I was like ok it’s just going to be another day of fishing were we only catch about to fish every day. So we went on our day and finally told us something that I thought we would never hear “ Boys we’re going to Nebraska.” “ Why are we going there.” I said “ Because one of my friends invited me to go fishing with him, and he wanted me to bring you guys along.” So a week later we went back to our dad’s house. He had all of his things packed up, sleeping bag, food, cloths, and chargers. I forsure know that I was excited to go. Because for one it would be my first time in Nebraska. Second my dad said that we would be able to fish off of a boat, that would also be our first time doing that. Lastly we were going to be able to go camping. That was the part that I was most excited about. Because I’ve heard that camping is so fun. It sucked because my family doesn’t really go…show more content…
The worse thing was when my dad called his friend he didn’t answer. He called time after time and he never answered. So we just went in the store just to pass time. Then finally my dad’s phone rings.
“ Dad your phone is ringing.” He picks up his phone and walks outside and answers it. I didn’t know who it was but I was really hoping that it was his friend that we were supposed to meet here. He was finally finished talking “ Alright let's go get in the truck I know where we are supposed to go” “ Are you sure. Because if you get us lost I am going to kill you.” So we went on our way up to the lake where we were going to go fishing. I saw a bridge on the side of the road that went right over the lake and into a little camp ground. There was people with campers and tents set up, there was people at the little beach I guess you could call it. I mean all it was, was a bunch of sand leading up to the
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