Personal Narrative: My Trip To Ocean City

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Fifteen years ago in 2001, at the age of one, my parents brought me to Ocean City for the first time. During the summertime, Ocean City is quite the getaway spot with over 320,000 vacationers every year. As a small child of one-year-old, going to Ocean City was a huge step for me. I was overwhelmed from the monstrous amount of people all over the miles and miles of white sand beach. That first time of me going to Ocean City was where I took my first steps, made my first friends, and rode my first ride at a theme-park. Once my mother and father sat me down in the warm grainy sand, I knew I was in love. My father was teaching me to walk and when I finally did, I ran. The feeling of the hot sand between my toes was a feeling I will never forget. The face-plant at the end, however, I wish I could've forgotten. My father held me as we went into the chilly ocean. When the waves brushed against my skin, I wanted to just jump in and swim for myself even though I could not. As my father was holding me in the ocean, another man and his little boy came…show more content…
The boardwalk has a theme-park at the end and that was what I was most looking forward to. Once we got to the theme-park, my father bought me and my mother tickets to ride four of the rides that allowed children as young as me. On all of the rides, my mother had to hold onto me. My favorite ride out of the four me and my mother rode was the carousel because I loved all of the animals. Looking back at the marvelous time I had when I was younger, I miss the easy-to-acquire thrills. Whenever I return to Ocean City now as a sixteen-year-old, I’m only with my father. I miss when my mother would get to go down with me to visit him and we would all go to Ocean City together. Although it is still fun just going with my father, I wish I were able to still get the same feeling I did when I was a

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