Personal Narrative: My Trip To Orlando, Florida

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Have you ever gone to Orlando, Florida? Well I have, me and my family went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and stayed in a Disney village. I’m going to be talking about what we did in Florida also what happened and how much fun we had and more. Hope you enjoy the awesome trip to Orlando Florida.

On November 2, 2014 I and my family all took a vacation to Orlando Florida to go to Disney world. In the morning when we got to the airport in Dubuque, Iowa it was a long wait to get on the next flight. So we just waited. While we were waiting we played games and talked. When we got bored we all decided to walk to get some more breast fast because my sisters was still hungry and it was still early and not time for lunch. When the plane finally
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We found our next flight station and it was a while until we get on our plane, so we decided to wait and while we were waiting mom and my two sisters to Mac Donald’s to get lunch. When mom was ordering, my dad saw security guards and between them was Robyn Fenty but her nickname is Rihanna. He tapped me and said,” Look there’s Rihanna,” I hurried up and turned around and almost scream but I covered my mouth. I ran to mom and told her, when she turned around Rihanna was gone and she thought I was lying.

When we got on the plane we wished it was our last flight until we got to Orlando Florida, but it wasn’t, we was ready to go have fun, but we had two more flights to take before we get to our destination.

After we went through those two flights we finally made it to Orlando Florida. We went to go get a rental car to drive around and go to the Disney parks and to have fun. When we went to the front desk mom talked to a person to check in and to get our key to the Disney village house that they gave us Instead of hotels rooms. When we made it to the house, we walked in and it felt like we walked into paradise. After we got settled we went to go eat at the gingerbread house where they serve different kind of meals for free. When we got done eating walked around to check out all the rides and stuff they had for the kids. Then we went back to the house and got ready for
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