Personal Narrative: My Trip To Orlando

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In my mind’s eye, I can still picture driving from Seagraves, Texas to Orlando, Florida in a brand new Kia that we just got. I remember driving on the overpass above the Mississippi River and how far out of sight it went. We took two long, dreadful days to get to Orlando, but when we got there it was totally worth it. On the first day we got in Orlando my family and I rested from all the driving, but later that day we went to Orlando studios to walk around and look to see what rides and food they had for the next day when we come. Then we went to the hotel we were staying at and got into the pool with my grandma, grandpa, my cousin Micah, my two brothers, and my mom and dad. At first I didn’t want to get into the pool but then I seen the…show more content…
Once all of my family got out we went to bed so that we can get a early start. There was only one problem I couldn’t sleep, I was way too excited to be in Orlando. Well somehow I managed to get some sleep, and the very next morning my mom and dad got up and started to get ready. They then woke up my brothers and me they said “The faster you get dressed, the faster we will get there.” So me and my brothers raced to the restroom and started to get ready.The first thing we did was go and brush our teeth and our hair. Then we started to get dressed and we called our grandma’s room to see if they were ready to go. She said that she will be ready in a few minutes. I couldn’t be any happier when I heard her say that. My grandma called us and said that she was ready I was so ecstatic when I heard that we all rushed out the door and waited for my grandma, grandpa, and Micah to get out there so we can take them in our car. Once they got out there they raced to the car so we can get breakfast then go. We ate at Ihop and I got the original pancakes smothered in syrup. I enjoyed my pancakes and everyone enjoyed what they got. We finished eating then we headed to Orlando studios. Once we got there we went
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