Personal Narrative: My Trip To Panama City Beach

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I felt the excitement jolting through me when my Mom told me she and I were going to Panama City Beach, Florida for a week. We had wanted to go the since school dismissed for summer break, but had no luck finding a place to stay. Three days before we were due to leave, my mom found a good price for a beachfront condominium for the week of June eleventh through June eighteenth. I had been to Panama City Beach before, but I always enjoy returning because it is always a good atmosphere and lots of fun to explore. On my vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida this summer, I enjoyed time with my mom, going swimming, and encountering people from all over the United States. My mother and I wanted to embark on the ten-hour journey south to Panama…show more content…
We woke up, went to the beach and swam in the ocean. We continued to eat seafood from various restaurants and look around for souvenirs to buy for ourselves and family. The fourth day turned out to be somewhat different. When we awoke, it was not sunny nor clear outside. The weather had become cloudy. No one was in the ocean and I thought “it is a little odd for no one to be in the water yet,” I did not think anything of it at the time. I figured the weather would pass through so I told my mom we could head to the pool today for a little change. When we went down to find chairs to sit in, we chose to sit next to a mother and daughter from Kentucky around the same age as my mom and I. As we got to talking to one another we realized we had the same interests. I enjoyed meeting them and hope to see them again someday. While in conversation, the mother brought up that there had been a fourteen-foot shark swimming near the shore earlier in the morning. The news of the shark was shocking to me because if I had chosen to go to the ocean earlier in the morning instead of the pool, I could have been in serious danger of an attack. Mom and I later went out to dinner in the evening to another one of our favorite restaurants, the Shrimp Basket. Our meal was once again fabulous; Another great night was spent in Panama City
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