Personal Narrative: My Trip To Panama City Beach, Florida

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Panama City Beach, Florida Have you ever been to Panama City, Florida? Well I have. That morning when we was heading out to Florida we had to wake up at 4:00 to get ready to go. We had other cars so we had to meet them and wait for them to come. We every one arrived we told everybody the rules and hit the road. As soon as we started driving everybody went to sleep. By the time we woke up we was already in Alabama. We stop at a gas station and did our business , got gas , bought snacks, and we was back on the road. We arrived at Atlanta at about 6:00. We ate Zaxby’s and just chilled for a minute. Once we left Zaxby’s We got back on the road. Everybody went to sleep again. When everybody woke up we were in Florida. We Checked into the hotel and unpacked everything. We took a tour around the building so that we will know where everything is. We went to the pool , but we didn't swim its was way to crowed at all 3 pools. Since the pools were crowed we decided to go out to eat. All the family…show more content…
we went to a few stores and brought souvernors..When we was done souverner shopping we wen back to the hotel and cooked hamburgers and watched somemore scary movies. All the kids really wanted to go swimming and the beach but the adults didn't so we stayed at the hotel. The next day we finally went swimming for the first time since we been in florida. We had so much fun. we played games in the pool and more. Once we was done swimming we went to the beach. The beach was very sandy. Its was very hot outside so the sand was hot to. When we got in the water it was cold. When we got use to it was getting warm. When we got in the water we forgot that it was salt water so our nose, eyes, and mouth was burning and tasting nasty. Since the water was hard to swim in the took us back to walmart to get googles so that we can see. When we got back to the beach it was so much easier to see. We looked for
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