Personal Narrative: My Trip To Pebble Creek

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Last year my mother and friends talked me into going on the school ski trip at Pebble Creek, and I’m glad I went because it was exhilarating. First, I came to school happy as can be. My friend Addy and I just wandered around because we weren’t leaving for about 10 minutes. The entire bus ride I was frightened,but also very thrilled. When we finally got to Pebble Creek I went to the rental place and received my skis and started to get all ready. The first thing they did was separate ourselves into groups, like the beginners, advanced, and all that. I obviously went into the beginners group. Which was unfortunate because Addy was in the more advanced group. The first thing we did in the beginners group was learning the basics, which was boring. Next, they let us off on our own,so I decided to go on the bunny hill.When I saw the bunny hill at first I was a little nervous, but I still wanted to do it. I got on the ski lift with butterflies in my stomach watching the people below me go as fast as the speed of light. When I finally got to the top, I thought to myself “ It’s okay, just remember everything you learned, little kids do this all the time!” Then off I went with a pizza stance that I had just learned.When I got to the bottom after countless number of screams,I thought it was one of the most…show more content…
The second day in my opinion was way worse, because it had snowed all night and all day. The freezing snow kept getting in my warm gloves when I was sitting on the ski lift. It was terrible! Also,it was way colder and harder to ski in because of all the powder on the ground that day.That day when I was going down a steep part I felt like I broke my wrist.It hurt for the rest the week. After I ate lunch with my friends me and my friend named Addy took a cool backway with a lot of powder. When we were going down a hill my ski got stuck and my knee bent in a different way which hurt! The second day was not the

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