Personal Narrative: My Trip To Pigeon Forge

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This summer I had so much fun doing outdoor activities. On a birthday trip to Pigeon Forge, TN, with my family, we did a ropes course, went zip lining, and went rafting. Doing all those activities in one day filled me with excitement and fear at the same time. At the end of the day, I was tired but happy! In the early morning, we left our hotel in Pigeon Forge to drive to the area where we would be doing all three activities. It was an excitement building drive since none of us had ever done any of these activities. When we got there we first checked in, then explored. The building was along the side of a river, and there was an island that you could get to by crossing a giant, swinging bridge. On the island there were a few picnic benches…show more content…
Our parents were also zip lining and the rest of the group was made up of big families. From the top, I could see even more than before. The river continued down the side of the island and then flowed parallel to the road. Another family went first then it was my brother’s turn. He was not scared and he landed fine. When it was my turn, I hesitated to jump but I finally did. When I was in the air, I felt like I was flying as free as a bird. I held the two ropes tightly with my hands, but I liked the wind in my face. When I had to land on next tower, it was a bit worrying, but I landed safely. There were multiple towers that were in a circle and we went around them. While I was waiting, I turned around and saw a boy zip lining. When he was about to reach the end of the rope where you were supposed to land, he fell back and reached the middle of the zip line. He was stuck and it was because he held the wrong ropes. After a few minutes of hanging, someone finally gets a ladder and brings him down. I continued to soar through the air after everything was fine. After my family was done zip lining, we decided it was time for a
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