Personal Narrative: My Trip To Rice Middle School

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All my life, I have I lived in Texas and considered it my home; however, I have a difficult time pinpointing exactly where “home” is, considering I’ve moved four times. I am more of a displaced resident than anything else. Being exposed to many different communities and circles of friends, I’ve been forged into the resilient person I am today. At Faubion Elementary in Austin, I didn’t have any real friends there, and consequently, barely remember attending. I do remember having a friendly neighbor named Hunter. Occasionally we raced each other down the street and played on his backyard playground set, but we lost touch as soon as I moved away and the exact same thing happened at Clayton Elementary. Once isolated, It was then that I began to question the concept of “home” and whether I had one. I also wondered what the purpose of friendship was since I couldn’t build any strong bonds with anyone and spent the majority of my days with myself or my family, becoming extremely shy. Ironically, all the questions…show more content…
I couldn’t have been more wrong in my life, but that wasn’t a terrible thing. Instead of going to Robinson Middle School like everyone else, I transferred to Rice Middle School. At this school, I’d be the new kid, not knowing or having any friends. Despite the worrying and being apprehensive at first, I seemed to fit right in. And soon I realized that home isn’t defined by an address, but by where one feels the most comfortable and safe. Feeling more secure than I ever here, Rice became my new home as I made some of my best and longest lasting friendships there; I met friends who would stand by me through the three nostalgic years of middle school, the two stress-filled years of high school, and beyond. We laughed together, cried together, and grew up
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