Personal Narrative: My Trip To Sacramento

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“Bye Juju” I said “Bye Kayla have fun, make some friends” my uncle said. Okay “I’ll try” I said to myself while hoping off his truck. As I was walking through the gates to enter the High school I just remember saying to myself “wow this isn’t middle school no more”. While walking I saw people walking left to right going in numerous directions it quite overwhelmed me actually. It was strange for me because, I came from a private school that had only thirteen kids per class room, so all around there were only about one hundred thirty kids that attended that private school this was going to be a huge change for. As I was wondering around the campus I felt so lost, felt like a stray dog trying to find its way other people were laughing and talking to one another maybe it because most of them came from the same middle school .It was hard for me to adjust all my friends were back home in New Mexico and not even my parents were with me on this eventful day they had to stay behind to pack out stuff into boxes .I had to come to California sooner because school started much early than back home. Fourtunely I had two uncles who lives in Sacramento, so they made the moving transaction a little smother.
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