Personal Narrative: My Trip To San Diego

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It was a sunny day, the sun is high up in the sky and I woke up with a smile on my face, I remembered that we are going on a trip to San Diego. My mom woke up early in the morning to make breakfast for the family. The breakfast for that morning was an egg with sausages and bacon, those foods were my favorite breakfast foods. Breakfast time was almost over, dad woke up and started to put the baggage into the car. We started driving on the road as soon as we finished our breakfast. The road was beautiful and it took us almost 9 hours to get there. I was car sick and I was sleeping most the time. The place I woke up is in Los Angeles and we ate our lunch at Los Angeles. As we arrived at San Diego, we first went to our hotel at dropped our baggage at the hotel. The next thing we did was to go to eat our dinner which is Korean B.B.Q. We went to a small walk at Target after we ate our dinner. While we were driving back to our hotel, we saw there was a CheeseCake Factory beside our hotel, and we went there for our desert.…show more content…
I was really hungry because I slept very good, I guess. We went to the Seaworld after my breakfast and we started to figure out which show should we go to first in the Seaworld. I wanted to go to the dolphin’s show first because I like dolphins. Most of the dolphins are very cute and they are very smart too. I like them because they can understand what they can do and what they should do. The dolphins show was fun, the trainers told the dolphin to splash water at us and I got all wet because the dolphins splashed really hard at our side and we came late so we sat at the very
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