Personal Narrative: My Trip To Scicon

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Dear 5th grade students, I think you should go to Scicon cause it 's fun and educational and is a one in a lifetime thing. If you don 't go to scicon you will miss out of a week of fun. Scicon is a save place to be and fun at the same time. You will go on hikes and learn things about nature. You also get to meet people and make good friends. First of all the hikes are Awesome and really fun. You get to learn about nature and nature facts that you wouldn 't know if you don 't go to Scicon. Some of the hikes you get to touch animals. When I went to Scicon I touch a snake and it felt Awesome. Thursday is the day where you get to pick the trail that you want to go on. There sky trails and quart mine and deadman fall and many

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