Personal Narrative: My Trip To South Carolina

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The second my mom asked me what kind of transportation I would use to get to South Carolina, I could feel myself starting to sweat and I felt like the room was spinning around me. I realized that I had to get over my fear of heights and flying soon. The trip I was so eager for had turned into one I was dreading to go on. I did not know what I was suppose to do considering Skyler had been on multiple flights.
All the parents scheduled a meeting that addressed the different questions people had. Each parent went around asking different questions, while Skyler’s mom, Mrs. Natalie, answered them. My mom went first and started with the series of questions she had previously asked me, “How long will y'all be there? What month are y’all going? What city are y’all going to? Are y’all driving or flying?”
Mrs. Natalie answered the questions with “2 weeks. June and July. Chapin, South Carolina. Flying.”
When I
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Soon it was time to board. I was finally trying to conquer my fear, but it did not seem to work. As I sat back in the uncomfortable plane seat, my hands became sweaty and I started to freak out. I knew there was no turning back; soon I was going to be thousands of feet in the air. As I closed my eyes, I tried to picture a happy place, but all I could imagine was a plane crash.
Everything the flight attendant was saying was floating in my head, “..fasten your seat belt..” “..emergency exits..” “..oxygen mask..” What was I getting myself into?
As we took off, I realized flying was not that bad. I had a smile from ear to ear when I looked out the window. All my worries and fears about heights and flying did not exist anymore. I had finally overcame my fear. Good thing I did because I had three more flights left of the trip.
When I went to board the plane to leave South Carolina, I walked down the runway without only one thought in my head: “I love
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