Personal Narrative: My Trip To St. Louis

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Sun beaming through the window hitting me right in the face, I was tired of just lying in bed this is not what I called fun. It was the last weekend of a long break and I was so upset with myself for letting it all go to waste. I was going to make sure this weekend was the best. Thinking of all the things we could possibly do as a family, I quickly remember that was all had season passes to Six Flags, which were also going to waste. I started to convince my parents that we could take a trip to Saint Louis. “We’ll go for one day, and one day only” my parents told me after thinking long and hard about it. When Saturday came around, the excitement I had could barely be contained. The whole family, which was just my parents, sister, and I, all got into the car early that morning just thinking it was going to be a day full of fun. An hour into the…show more content…
Now we definitely had no idea what to do, our only option was to walk and try to find a hotel to stay at. We walked for what felt like ten miles until we saw the first hotel. My mom and dad walked into the lobby and came back out with a key. When we actually took a glance at the hotel, it was the ideal place to stay. Walking into our hotel room the lingering odor of smoke hit us, and outside we could hear our neighbor on the phone fighting with what seemed to be his wife. Only after five minutes of being there we quickly made the decision that this is not where we will be staying. We walked back through the heat looking for a different hotel, and we found one. One that looked clean and inviting. After taking long well needed naps, we all woke up and had to face the situation of how we were going to get home. My sister and I spent most of our time outside in the pool, as we tried to make something good of this terrible trip. When we returned to the room, there was still the issue of how we were going to get home. Fully frustrated my dad decided we were going
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