Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Bahamas

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“Ba-da-da-da-da,” is the sound we heard as the van came to pick us up for our big adventure in the Bahamas. First we went to the little hut to pay for our trip on the boat. Then the van driver took us to the dock for our half day trip. The water was bright blue and sparkling. My family and I got on a boat along with another family including a little girl, boy, their parents, and grandparents. We went along an island with a famous person’s home. The famous person’s house was pink and kind of small. Then, we went to a small beach and got off of the boat and hiked up a mountain. Once we got to the top of the mountain there was a rock pile and there was the divider of the two island so it was like we were on two island at once. The waves were splashing against the mountain and of course since my mom and sister are afraid of heights they didn’t come all the way up the mountain.
We got back on the boat and went to another small island with iguanas all over it. Then our group pulled out the bread, and they all came out. After that, the bunch of us got off of the boat and started to feed them by hand. If you threw it in the middle of them they would fight over the piece of bread. Then we got back on the boat and drove slowly. We were looking for starfish and we eventually found one.
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There were two or three baby pigs and 2 big pigs. We went onto the island and the pigs came to greet you, they were huge. One of the baby pigs let my sister feed it, and one of the bigger pigs laid in the sand burying its snout. The other larger pig went into the water and started to swim. Once we were done with the pigs we went back to the dock. We waited for the van to come and once it arrived we went back to our hotel. We went to our room and ate lunch. After we ate lunch we went down to the beach and I went to the pool because I don’t really like the beach even though the beach was beautiful
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