Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Country Barn Restaurant In The Jail

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Manly, Byron and Eva in the jail section of the Country Barn Restaurant in Amarillo Our last stop before we returned to Dallas. We invited Jo Carroll to join us because of all the times she has played hostess to us in our many trips to Amarillo. We ate at the Country Barn and the room they called, and I might add, looked like a jail. It was a nice evening and everybody had a fun time. Before we left Amarillo the next morning for Dallas, we stopped off at Mel’s and obtained our usual supply of excellent fresh cut meat. Both Eva and I loved our apartment in Augsburg. It was so close to the Augsburg streetcar line, we could go anywhere in the city and there was no need for a car unless we had plans to go out of town. Probably our favorite…show more content…
I am sure Stephanie, and especially Zak and Noah, still have some very fond memories of that particular trip. The following spring, 2005, we went to Fredericksburg, TX with Manly and Joe to look at and take pictures of all the bluebonnets along the way. I thought the route through Gatesville and then go south to Fredericksburg was the best way to go because Stephanie once lived in Gatesville, and Eva and I were aware of the beautiful spots where the wild bluebonnets bloomed along the highway from Waco to Gatesville. Since the first visit to Fredericksburg, we have been back several times just to see the bluebonnet trails and the amenities offered in the Fredericksburg area. On the first trip to Fredricksburg, we passed by the LBJ ranch. The road from Johnson City was about twenty miles of highway filled with bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush flowers cradling both sides of the road. Thank you Lady Bird for contributions! After passing the beautiful display of Texas wildflowers, we stopped in Luckenbach, a small spot on the map made famous by Willie Nelson’s
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