Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Disney World

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It was a warm, sunny, Fall day and I jumped out of bed because I knew we were going on a trip, but I didn’t know where. My parents took my sister and me to the KCI airport in my mom’s white Denali. We were quietly sitting at the airport when my parents told us that we were going to Disney World. My sister and I were jumping up and down with excitement knowing that an exciting trip was just around the corner. One of the days we were there my family went to a breakfast with the Winnie the Pooh characters. What we did was we went to the Disney Park, Magic Kingdom, and then we ate breakfast and the Pooh characters were there to eat with us. For breakfast, I had some scrambled eggs, buttermilk, chocolate chip pancakes, and Turkey sausage. I was…show more content…
The castle was Cinderella’s and it was blue and sometimes it had cool designs projected onto it. Mickey mouse was the host of the show and he was dressed in a wizard costume because Disney is supposed to be magical. At some point in the night Ursula came out and I was terrified because I never liked her and was scared of her. At the end of the night Tinker Bell came and she flew across the sky and then the fireworks came on. The last day I spent there I went to Epcot. At Epcot there are different sections of different countries, so you can experience their culture and foods. My family went to a Mexican restaurant. I don’t like Mexican food so I got chicken tenders. The inside of the restaurant had a pyramid and an image of a volcano to make it look real. My sister and I got a sombrero to wear and there was a ride inside the restaurant. The ride was a water log ride with no drops, but many twists, turns, and moving figures that make it entertaining. My trip altogether was a blast! I did many different things like went on roller coasters, watched parades, watched shows, and ate in many different places. My favorite part was probably the roller coasters because I love roller coaster. Since this trip I have been to Disney World two more times and am going back again this year. I hope it will be as good as the
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