Personal Narrative: My Trip To Miami

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Running up and down the wooden stairs, so that I can pack for my trip to Miami. As I a throwing my clothes into the pink leopard suitcase, I just sniff baked bacon from the kitchen. I knew mama was cooking breakfast before I leave for Miami and therefore I had to put something in my belly before I took off. I am really excited to go Miami this summer because it is the most southerly city in the United States. Miami is a memorable trip to me because of South Beach, the varied of restaurants and the Everglades. I never knew going to Miami would make me want to travel the world. Chirp, Chirp, Chirp as I look up to watch the black lovely birds past me. While I am running on the beach , I look up to see the sun cast its golden rays down upon the cloud turning them bright, fired red. It is 6:30am in beautiful Miami, and I notice the splashing waves, breeze and seagulls. The beach is a place where people come to enjoy the ocean view and relax in the sand. As I am flying my kite, I enjoy to the smell of salt from the ocean. …show more content…

I followed the tall tour guide man to show me around. He advise me that it’s the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles coexist. It is a home to endangered, rare, and exotic wildlife. Moving by a grey hairy racoon is running and a red snake in the water slithering. The tour man stated that there are twenty-seven know species of snake that live in the Everglades and that only four are venomous. As, I turn to the left of me, I notice an alligator, whose skin looked as rough as a wood. I watch the rusty alligator tried catching its prey. The alligator stared at the deer for about four second and attacked it like a football player. I was clam the whole time it happened. I remember when I was eighteen years old, my cousin took me out to the woods one morning and he taught me how to shoot a deer. I enjoy my wonderful visit to the

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