Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Grand Canyon

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I went to the Grand Canyon. And I was in a Plane to get there. The view was beautiful of the grand canyon. I saw a house on the hills. Then someone came out of the house. Then I wented hill climbing it was fun. I saw something near the waterfall. Then I went through the waterfall. There was a cave. Which there was a amazing view. There were a lot of natural. Then I when kayaking down the river. It was so much fun. There was so much to do. The Kayak almost flip over. But the water was going crazy. I almost fell in faster water. I got out safely. Hill climbing I almost fell down. But I save myself. It is fun to do things. It is a crazy things to do also. We were looking around the place seeing the views. We even wented to the highest point of…show more content…
There were so many colors. There are a lot of hills. It is a very nice place to be for a vacation. Sometimes you should go the for a vacation. There were some mines in the walls. I won the first kayak. Then I won the next race too. Then I lost Then he won the win the race. Everybody enjoys to have fun. The races were have fun.It was a very crazy vacation. We stay overnight there at the grand canyon. The house is big. It has many windows. They we wented hiking around a lot of places. They were a lot of people going hiking. The hiking was awesome. The hiking was 6 miles.We travels for miles around the entire place. They wented hang gliding around the place. It is a cool place it is huge. Hang gliding was fun and you can you down at the view. It is a lot of fun. Hang gliding race we had is was just a blast. We had a huge race it is a huge area that we did it. It is interest place. It is a huge National park. Then we wented diving in the water. Then I swim in the water. We had a lot of fun. It is crazy how much we did. So we look around the place. There is just so many things in life that you can do. Just wondering how much you can do is a lot of things. There is wild thing in the national
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