Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Rocky Mountains

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Every year the day after school ends in May, my dad, my brothers, and I go camping in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. We usually go for a week (7days), and work 2 or 3 days. Our work usually consists of clearing undergrowth and brush, digging up junipers, picking up aspen and fir tree deadfall, along with many many other things. My favorite part of the trip is when we load up and leave camp to go to the Great Sand Dunes for the day. There, we rent sandboards (snowboards for sand) and sleds to ride down the dunes on. It’s a very different experience, because the sand is smoldering hot, but the air is usually a brisk 40 to 50 degrees. So while your feet are melting your nose is freezing.

To me, I think that one of the main qualities of a fun tradition like mine has been influenced by my love of the northern states and mountains, it has to be cold. For me, the cold just makes everything better, like how cherries and whipped cream seem to make ice cream better. For example, you always have more fun on a cold snow day than on any other kind of day. I also think that the cold is a good quality of my tradition is because the love of the cold and mountainous landscape has been around in my family for generations, my grandfather loved the cold, his father loved the cold, and every male generation for as far
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My tradition makes me happy because of my love of the cold, and trust me that adoration is certainly fulfilled on this trip. Whenever you’re happy, you’re usually having fun, so my 2nd and 3rd quality kind of link together. In my opinion this tradition makes everything you do seem fun and make you happy, even the working part, which sometimes I enjoy myself so much out there that I forget that I’m working. For example, whenever you’re happy you’re not sad or upset, you’re happy of course, and being happy is fun, and whenever you’re having fun, you’re
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