Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Smoky Mountains In Ohio

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I had never been very far, and I was fortunate to get out of the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. I didn’t go on vacation often, but if I was going to go on vacation, I was going on vacation. Vacations were supposed to be a getaway, so if a person lived in Ohio, he or she should have left the states that border Ohio, (Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.) During the summer of 2015, I did just that. This past summer my family and I took a weeklong trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. However it wasn’t just a vacation, it was a reunion. I had lived with my grandparents since 2012, and had only been visiting my mother for a year. When my mother asked if my grandmother and I would like to go on vacation with her, my step-father, and two sisters, it was a complete surprise. Although it was utterly surprising, we…show more content…
The view was of a little model made of porcelain one could have found on a shelf in an antique shop. The street lights looked like a string of Christmas bulbs, and the headlights of passing cars were points of needles creating pinpoints in a black sheet of construction paper. According to stories told by my mother, she and my step-father switched roles this trip to a high point. My mother had told me that when she and he went to King’s Island he would not budge from the center of the platform at the top of the Eifel Tower and she would try to convince him to walk out to the edge. That may have been what she told me, but what I saw at the Space Needle may prove her wrong. As everyone was walking around looking down at the porcelain model of Gatlinburg, she was shivering and jittery near the elevator and would not come to the edge for any reason. After seeing this my step-father left the comfort of a bench near the center of the platform and walked right up to me at the edge of the platform and enjoyed the view alongside me, though his scruffy goatee twitched slightly with
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