Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Spectrum Mall

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It was a Saturday morning. I had breakfast. I ate bagels with coffee. I got dressed and got my skateboard and went outside to hangout with my friend Chris. “Chris do you want to got to Spectrum mall” I asked. “ Yess dude” he said. We meet up at the benches where we live and then we went to the mall. We went to Spectrum Mall it was really fun. We got to try these things called ‘’Dragon breath’’ they were like the cereal fruity pebbles but it had Nitro inside them. When you ate it smoke would come out and would burn your tongue. Then we went to the horses even though it was for little kids , I wanted to get on and so we did. I felt like a little girl once again it bought memories and then when it started to stop the memories…show more content…
It was getting kind of cold so we went into forever 21 and he bought me and pink sweater , I thought that was really nice. We went to get icecream and i got rocky road. It tasted so gooooooood! It was chocolate with marshmallow and almonds which made it even more better. We skated for a while, I improved on the kickflip I was happy because it took me a long time to learn it. It was getting kind of dark and we were hungry so we skated to Mc.Donald’s and orderd spicy chicken burgers. While we went home we ate them.I felt relieved because i was starving like the feeling when you’re tired and finally get to lay down. That feeling is the best kind of feeling. We started talking about racism and how the world is now a days , it got very deep. “ It’s sad how racism is still alive” he said. “I know I don’t think it’ll ever die , and if it does then that’s going to make everything so much better’’. Then he came over to my house and we watched the movie neighbors and after that he
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