Personal Narrative: My Trip To The TLC Donation Garden

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If I went to court and pleaded guilty to being a serial killer, but exclaimed that it was all on accident do you think the court would believe me? Would you believe me? Would anyone believe that it was actually an amazing learning experience? Well let me try and convince you because to me it was.
I love to garden, but I don’t have a green thumb or a brown thumb. I have a thumb with a skull tattoo permanently imbedded into my skin, and I’m pretty sure that’s why I have killed over 10 individuals in four years unintentionally. Every death was like a failure, something I had done wrong. One was due to overwatering, while the other was due to disease or some different issue all together. After every corpse entered my compost pile, its cause of death was burned into my memory so that I never made the same mistake twice. However, I really wanted to keep my plants alive for longer than two months, so I decided to get some professional help.
One day, I went to the TLC Donation Garden (TLCDG), which is a place that grows food for the BritVil food pantry. Originally, I planned on going to get
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To me, it was so amazing that someone could create life from seemingly lifeless components like water, soil and sunlight. After volunteering that summer, I realized that I could make this life work for others, so hopefully my serial killer days were over. I had learned what not to do to keep plants alive, and I had learned why successfully growing plants was so important to others. Maybe these were the two realizations that turned my thumb green because for the first time in five years I have actually kept a plant alive for more than two months. My avocado tree has been growing for 8 months now, and I can’t wait until it hits its first year. Though this is a small victory, I can just imagine my avocados sitting on the shelves of the food pantry. Hopefully soon, I’ll be ready to reap all that I have

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