Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Yeager Airport In Orlando Florida

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Last summer, my family and I were on our way to the Yeager Airport in Clarksburg. We were supposed to board the next flight to Orlando Florida. Standing in line, waiting for the flight attendants to board all of us, the line was barely moving which made me feel that we were blackstrap molasses rolling out of a jar. The seats were a soft comfortable cushioning that had small ridges in it. When we finally were in the air, mom said “Look out the window!”
I hadn’t realized how high we were off the ground, but when I looked, the people and civilizations on the ground looked like ants dashing across an ant hill. When we were off the plane where the AC gave me the sensation that I was standing on Mt. McKinley, the humidity that Florida has to offer hit me like a Mack semi-truck. The rental van was an ocean. Bright blue and the seats rippled just like water would, and my family and I were the fish in the sea. When we merged onto the interstate, you could hear it purring like a walrus. Going to the hotel was simply a pit stop to check in, dump
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It was my turn and everybody at the next tower was saying “Come on Harley, it’s the greatest fun you’ll ever have in your life!” We were standing on top of a skyscraper. The gator we were zip lining over was a celebrity! He was featured in the movie Lake Placid. Lastly, you competed in a race across a lake FULL of these blood-craved beasts. Then we go walking around and perceive this enormous ride and we wanted to ride it. We made it to the top and I was yelling at Anthony telling him to pull the plug. He looks at me like a newborn armadillo with down-syndrome and said “Oh, you want me to pull the plug? You sure? I’m gonna pull it!”
So we go free falling on our bellies 300 feet high, over a lake. After the ride, I literally made my mom buy a shirt because I didn’t thrive, I survived. Never
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