Personal Narrative: My Trip To Walt Disney World

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Register to read the introduction…I could, of course, go across the world and enjoy peace and quiet, but that idea was not my heart’s desire. I imagined going somewhere more lively that I could look back on and re-live years down the road. An eventful trip to Walt Disney World or perhaps a fun-filled trip on the streets of Gatlinburg, TN from December twentieth to the twenty-sixth sounds like the perfect get-away. After all, a trip during christmas can not possibly disappoint. After studying the cost of food, hotels, and excursions, it is still rather difficult when it comes down to deciding between two exciting vacations. The thought of a seven day vacation, all to myself, most certainly can not be the least bit of boring; Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is one of my best conclusions. When going on a trip to Disney World I plan to drive to Birmingham airport. There, I will park my car in a secured parking lot which is included in my flight expenses. I will then…show more content…
Disney, no doubt, would be filled with fun but $438 just doesn’t leave me much money to use in case of emergency or perhaps a flight delay. You never know. Going to Gatlinburg would leave me with more than enough money in case of emergency. I could even afford to go shopping if i decided to do so, or maybe attend a dinner show if I got there and saw something that interest me. In Disney World, I would be spending around fifty-four a day on excursions, and in Gatlinburg I would only spend around thirty-five dollars a day. That would put me saving nearly twenty dollars each day, which adds up to one-hundred dollars the entire week. When looking at hotel pricing, the difference in my weekly stay from Disney World to Gatlinburg would be $682. That’s a rather large gap when you’ve got a
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