Personal Narrative: My Trip To Wisconsin Dells

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Wisconsin Dells

One day in July my family was getting ready for our trip to Wisconsin Dells. My Mom said’ it’s beautiful and sunny their in the summer and you will have fun’ said Mom. I am so excited to go to Wisconsin Dells because there is a water park called Noah 's Ark it’s the biggest waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. Also there was a restaurant called Mac’s Macaroni and cheese shop. But my Dad said’ is everyone ready to go to Wisconsin Dells’ said Dad.Everyone said’ YES YES YES dad we are ready’ said My family. My family drove out of Missouri into Illinois and my family smelled pigs,horses,cows and other stuff. Then we went to Wendy’s and get food and soda but my dad got me ice cream and we said’ I love you daddy. Then it started to rain

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