Personal Narrative: My Vacation Bible School

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Scattered thoughts, last minute ideas, zero organizational skills, and no set schedule summed up my lifestyle as a vacation bible school director. So the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone seemed appropriate for helping me and my family to grow in faith.
I had been the vacation bible school director at our church for 5 years, and with the excellent team of leaders that I had, it was not a difficult task to host a week long vacation bible school for about 100 kids. Each leader was assigned a designated age group to prepare lessons, decorate class rooms, and assist with any other tasks that needed to be completed. “Many hands make light work” my preacher would say, and this statement held true year after year, as me and my team hosted multiple successful vacation bible schools for our church. With that being said, the heavy cloud of spiritual emptiness gloomed over me as I struggled with the idea of a way to find other ways to minister to children.
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After multiple failed attempts, I decided to call The Tennessee Baptist Association. I discussed with them that my intentions were to find another church that needed help with growing their children’s ministry, and they provided me with the contact information of a small church in Kingsport Tennessee that was looking for someone to assist them with hosting a vacation bible school. After a series of telephone calls, we made arrangements to go to Kingsport Tennessee and help this church with a 2 day vacation bible
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