Personal Narrative: My Vacation In Florida

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Eek! A shrill sounded through the air. Everyone turned to look at what the commotion was right as the camera snapped the photo. As I looked to the right, I saw my brother, Zak was the one who screamed and there was something emerging from out of the shell that he was holding. In June of 2013, my family had decided we were going to St. Petersburg, Florida for vacation. We had been to St. Petersburg before, so we knew it was going to be a fun vacation. Little did we know this funny moment was in our future.

We had been in Florida for a few days and we were having a good time. One morning we had decided to go for a walk along the strip of stores near where we were staying. We went and looked around and saw all of these hermit crabs with intiricate
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I ran to the shoreline and felt the water lap against my legs. I took off my shoes and waded into the water. My family joined soon after and we just floated leisurely around for hours. The waves finally came to a halt, and I discovered this was low tide. It was the perfect moment to seek out the good shells and find sand dollars. Everyone started to saunter around in the water and look for the prime shells.

I was the first to find a bigger shell and I was over the moon. Closer to the shore there were big brown shells that looked gorgeous. Soon my dad, mom, and two brothers had all found shells and we eagerly looked for more . All of us were excited to take them home with us. My mother told us she wanted us to get a picture with all the shells and everyone groaned loudly. Everybody slowly started to get out of the water and my mom grabbed her camera.

It seemed like it took forever for everyone to get to the shore. We all lined up to take the picture and my mom told us to smile. We smiled and I heard a loud shriek. Confused, I turned to look at where the noise had come from. The camera made a click noise as it took the picture. Zak had blood spilling all over his hand and he started sobbing. He managed to yell out that something had pinched his hand. We all then looked into our shells and saw that we all had crabs in them. Nathan and I then turned to each other trying not to laugh at how hilarious it was. My dad sent us a stern glare and we immediately

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