Personal Narrative: My Vacation In The Bahamas

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My family and I thought this vacation was going to be fun,annual,and relaxing, but it was actually an extra memorable,amazing,and a favorite vacation.We were in The Bahamas with my Mom,Dad,Sister,Grandma,Aunt,and Uncle.It was a cruise and the beginning was already amazing.My sister,Grandma and I all shared a room.When we went to lunch the first day we had all noticed this big,beautiful,colorful fish hanging from the ceiling.We all saw this fish and remembered the fish.All of a sudden we all look at each other and said were on the same ship ten years later! I never knew a vacation could get so amazing,but when we were at our third stop Nassau,Bahamas it did. My mom had had this event to go parasailing on her bucket list.On her birthday we were
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