Personal Narrative: My Vacation To Cancun

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When I was thirteen, approximately a year ago, my family took a vacation to Cancun. The trip was pretty cool. Cancun was warm, tropical, and most of all supplied endless amounts of food in the hotel. Like most vacations, people want to get the most they can do with their time there. For me, my last bit of fun would have been crashing into the waves, I had discovered, on the new beach in front of my hotel. These waves were like none other I’ve ever experienced. Almost ten feet tall, with the full force of the sea pounding down against me. However, my father had other plans about what he wanted to do with the whole family. I still had to make a phone call to my counselor Ms. Delbon at the high school, to send a transcript for an algebra class.…show more content…
“Plus, remember, I want to tackle the waves today.” I said very lightly again. I wasn’t sure if my father heard me, but if he did, I think he didn’t want to deal with arguing with me. I don’t normally get grumpy, uncooperative, and stubborn, but there are times when disagreements, lead to conflict, causes me to get irritable and moody. From that moment I started behaving like a fractious little boy. When my father asked me to change into my swimming trunks, I took the longest time I could. I pretended not to hear him. It was almost like my way of getting back at him. I don’t like being angry, but it’s almost like a feeling that takes an awful lot of strength to give up. When we reached the ferry’s port I was nothing but distant from my family, I didn’t talk, smile or show any signs of emotion. I just grumbled.
When my mother came and asked “What’s wrong Amit?”
“I don’t even want to be here. I don’t want to go there!” I mumbled under my breath. “All I wanted to do on my last day here was, to go to the beach, see the waves, and crash into them.”
“Well sometimes you don’t get to do what you want to do.” My mother responded.
“Even though I told you all yesterday about my beach plan. It was important to me.” I said in grumbling. My mother didn’t know how to
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